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Ok, well since two whole people liked that post:


R U MINE? / ELECTRICITY - Arctic Monkeys 

This beautiful purple exclusive Record Store Day 2012 release (exclusive as in <2000 copies made) that I bought just because I had money to spend. It’s never been played and it didn’t come in a closed package (like plastic wrapping or w/e) The only things is on the sleeve I removed the price tag off it so that sticky residue is left over.  Looking for a loving home, it already has a loving home but I’m sure there’s another home that will love it MORE. 

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i’ll choose a winner blah blah blah on Halloween Day (Oct. 31st) or earlier if not a lot of people are into it. If no one takes this I will just keep it and stare at it’s beautiful purpleness.  THAT PICTURE I TOOK wiTH INSTAGRAM, SHITTY LIGHTING, doesn’t do justice at all to the beauty of the purple ugh. Yes. 


Video of the century.

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